Club History

Dating back more than 100 years, the Valley Country Club has a deep rooted history in Northeast Pennsylvania. The club can trace its roots back to 1906 when a corporation was formed by five Hazleton area businessmen named the Hazleton Country Club. The sole purpose of this organization was for the promotion of social recreation and the encouragement and stimulation of an interest in cycling, horse riding, driving, golf, tennis and other outdoor sports.

The original Board consisted of nine Directors with William C. Gayley as President, I.P. Pardee, Vice President, John R. Sharpless, Secretary and William Lauderbach as Treasurer. The capital stock of the corporation was set at $20,000.00 and divided into 400 shares having a value of $50.00 each. Three classes of Membership were set up to include Senior Member, Junior Member, and Non-Resident Member. Senior Members were stockholders over the age of 21, to be elected by the Board of Directors. A limit of 200 such members was set. Adult single women, by vote of the Board of Directors, were granted privileges by making an initial payment of $20.00 and $10.00 annual dues. Junior Members were for those between the ages of 12 and 21 if their parents were not members and were entitled to only the privileges the Board awarded them.

Non-Resident membership was granted to those “living outside the Middle Coal Field of Pennsylvania, and who were not stockholders.” These individuals were not required to purchase stock and had to pay an entrance fee of $10.00.

The Clubhouse was originally built on the current site of Top of the 80’s, which consisted of a one room building with a porch. Members had the privilege of golfing in the course’s current location. Access to and from the course was via dirt path and mule. In 1909 the Club was handed over to its membership and renamed The Valley Country Club. The Clubhouse was subsequently moved to its present location and served the members until 1959 when a fire ravaged the property and burned it to the ground. A new clubhouse was built in 1960 and the Club has continued to prosper. Renovations and improvements to the current day clubhouse were done in 1987 and added the Board Room, Executive Offices, and new Ladies Locker Room.

Through the years, the look and location of the Club may have changed but the spirit of the founding members has been steadfast. Today the Valley County Club has a great sense of tradition and pride in a fantastic facility that continues to provide a superior level of service to its membership and great memories to last a lifetime.

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